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Past Hats



Past Hats

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aug 08

0 feb 07   l have been shamed into posting a new update, singular.  however, l have spent the better part of 3 hours this morning cleaning up photo links than referenced the wrong photos. l've also added some text to the road trip to california last year with jim.  see changes Road Trip Apr 06 if so bothered

posted in the wee hours of 03 jan 07  just in case anyone was bothered enough to wonder what l have accomplished this crimas hollerday other than personally incubating and dutifully spreading the next flu pandemic, injuring myself and otherwise drinking and feeling sorry for myself....being the trendy trendsetter that l am, l will now include a blog-type feature that l will endeavour to keep visitors up-to-date with the stuff that l am not doing ie regular postings of any kind.

Note: regular viewers will have alarmingly noted that several of the slideshows do not open with the correct images. those responsible have been beaten and the offending links will be fixed before the rapture.  do not panic

Changing of the Colours
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jul 1988.

Right Spot Fire
Yellowknife, 1993?
(note: picture of a picture)

Dieppe, France
May 04

Operation Lost Missile
Yellowknife Airport
Jul 04

Apex Mountain Resort
March 04

Modeled sometime in a past life
Prelude Lake, NT 

Modeled Mar 1-10/04
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica