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Road Trip
Icefields Parkway 
21-23 Aug 09

The BMW is finally fixed!

l catch a cheap Westjet flight to Edmonton on Friday, 21 Aug and pick the long-suffering bike up at Argyll Motor Sports. BMW has been extremely sympathetic to my rideless summer and pick up the cost of the bike cpu ($2500), shop and labour costs, airfare to Kelowna return AND rentaracer for week. Think l will continue buying their products:)

Jim and l clear Edmo by lunch on Sat and spend a great afternoon prowling HW 39 and 22 west of HW 22. We even get onto CFB Penhold, a decommissioned air force base l worked at in 76/77.

We part ways in Red Deer and l take HW 11, the David Thompson, west to Saskatchewan Crossing and spend the evening at the Ramparts campground.

Cold and drizzly the nest morning, l head south to Banff on the Icefields Parkway, then HW 22/2 back to Edmonton.  1200 km in all, a far too-short ride in a far too-short of a riding summer.

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geared up and ready for the road.

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