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440 sqn SAR response to plane crash in tulita, nwt.
14 sept 05.

a north-wright airways cessna grand caravan out of tulita was reported missing at on wednesday afternoon. 3 souls on board. mike called me at 1445 hrs and told me that rcc had just tasked the sqn to provide a sar bird.

1600hrs we lifted off with mike, doug and l in the back. about 1715 hrs, and just north of rae-edzo, we were told a rcmp helicopter out of norman wells had reached the crash site and reported all 3 had survived the crash.  good news for them...just another call for us.

last time we had worked here was new year's day in 2002....4 people were a little less lucky than today's bunch. 

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airborne enroute to tulita. side window of the twin otter. engine nacelle in foreground.

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