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long beach and tofino
 09 aug

we leave the congestion of victoria and head north on hw 1. we pass through ladysmith, nanaimo, port alberni and finally get to long beach. hw 4 to tofino is a great ride...narrow, twisty, bumpy and fast....

long beach is great. the beach goes on as far as sunlight and a fog bank allow us to see. l will be back.

we leave the beach and drive into town. of course there is no room anywhere...big surprise. we end up at a bed and breakfast...except there is no breakfast. after unpacking we head back into town for grits. and beers. hippies everywhere. we get up the next morning and find fog in all directions. we decide to head inland and warmer weather and visibility. we head into town, tank up, and get a quick breakfast. everyone is looking at me. the waitresses smile and hover....who do they think l can possibly be????????????? 

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long beach parking lot. it is hot. the beach is that, that waaaaaaaay!


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