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day 9. mt rainier and mt st helens.

we plow along hw 12 past mt rainier. now the 'flashbacks' come quicker: twice l 'knew' what was coming up the road, maybe one one or two corners away, map recce aside: white pass village ski resort and later riffe lake/mossrock dam....damn, l have been here before.

we stop at mt rainier....the beemer locks up the front brake in the gravel pullover 'just for the heck of it'...

then it is the turnoff for mt st helens and another memory....a gas station we stopped at 20 years ago. it is here we 'discover' the mortal wound on jimmie's beemer...main seal leak. we dump some radiator anti-leak into it and continue to press.

25 miles of endless switchbacks...100 metres, turn, accelerate, then turn. this goes on for over a hour. it is dark in the rain forest...and then, we turn a corner, and the light and desolation is staggering. and mt st helens is still miles away.

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mt rainier on hw 12. at 14410 ft, it is the highest point in washington. it is hot. blackhartt in repose.


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